When Friends Call For Help, You Say Yes

Photo courtesy of the USGA.

Volunteer Profile: Jonathan May

Beginning at childhood playing golf with his dad led to a lifetime respecting the game and eventual career working at Flint Hills National Golf Club. He spent a total of six years working at the club, as both a caddy before becoming an operations manager.

Jonathan has since moved on to other jobs, but he will never forget his experience working for Flint Hills National and the many friendships he formed during his time there.

That’s why when Championship Director Steve Allen called him with the opportunity to volunteer at Flint Hills National during the 2017 U.S. Junior Amateur Championship, he knew he had to help.

“The people are friendly, personable, down-to-earth and they accept others really well,” May said. “They’ve been so good to me; I’m doing this to give back to them.”

The uniqueness of the championship also drew May back to Flint Hills. He could not pass up the opportunity to watch the future of golf.

His role as a volunteer will allow him to have a front row seat to watch some of the nation’s most talented young golfers. “The U.S. Junior Amateur Championship is one of the biggest in the world,” May said, “and the winner could go on to have a long and successful career.”

May believes that USGA’s decision to host the championship at Flint Hills National is a testament to the caliber of the course and the people that work there.

He hopes, years from now, people can look back on the championship and view it as a success, not only because of the talent of the young golfers, but also because of the world-class quality of Flint Hills National Golf Club.

During the championship, May will volunteer as the committee chair for volunteer spotters and marshals. He will oversee a crew of volunteers whose job it is to spot and track golf balls as they are hit into the field of play. This will require 50 volunteers over 3 4-hour shifts throughout the day in order to have enough spotters throughout the course.

May is one of 350 volunteers that will help us make the 2017 U.S. Junior Amateur Championship a success. This championship would not be possible without May and others who have volunteered their time to give back to Flint Hills National Golf Club.