Showcasing Hardworking Midwestern Volunteers

Volunteer Profile: Sheryl Deutsch

Hosting a national championship is not an easy feat, one requiring a group of 300 plus volunteers.

Coordinating all of these volunteers was a role held by volunteer chairwoman Sheryl Deutsch. She was first called about volunteering for the championship over a year ago. Since then, it has been a months-long process of planning and coordinating to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The golf course is Deutsch’s “happy place.” She grew up playing the game with her dad and brothers and is excited for this opportunity, which will allow her to watch some of the most talented young golfers in the nation.

Each day throughout the championship, Sheryl will be responsible for helping with volunteer check-in and check-out, coordinating volunteer breakfasts and lunches and ensuring all volunteers make it to their assigned positions on the course.

As activities director for Trinity Academy, she has experience coordinating large events. She knows what it takes to make an event like this possible: a group of hardworking individuals who are willing to help out.

She believes it is their responsibility as volunteers to make the golfers and their families feel welcomed to the city. During the championship, Flint Hills National will be put on a national stage, and Deutsch thinks this is a great opportunity to promote Wichita.

“Hosting this championship is a great opportunity for the volunteers and all Wichitans to be ambassadors for the city,” Deutsch said. “It’s great anytime you can do something to showcase hardworking, Midwest people.”

Preparing for the championship has been a year-long process and has required Deutsch to work long hours, but she has enjoyed her experience. She’ll remember the people at Flint Hills National for their warm welcome, and is excited to see all their hard work come together for the championship.

Flint Hills National is grateful for the support of the Wichita community and the hundreds of volunteers that have worked to make the 2017 U.S. Junior Amateur a success.