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Fall Aerification Update – November 2, 2015

I wanted to give a quick update on course conditions. The fall greens aerification was completed on Monday and Tuesday of last week.  As we had stated earlier, we pulled a core using pencil tines, removed the cores, and topdressed with sand. The whole process turned out very well. The aerification holes are already healing in nicely. The warmer than usual weather is allowing the greens to grow and fill in. I want to thank the golf course maintenance staff for all their hard work last week during the process.

The leaves seem to be hanging on a lot later this year than normal. We still have not had a hard freeze to force the trees to shed their leaves. I am not complaining however. We continue to root prune around the course using the tractor mounted Inmants implement.

Have a great week!


Fall Projects and Preparations – September 30, 2015

Over the last few weeks, the maintenance staff has been busy with several projects. On my last post, I talked about our plan of action to get the greens healed up from the summer stress. We top-dressed greens twice, a week apart. We have implemented rolling greens again, and lowering the height of cut. They have firmed up and are rolling truer. We completed aerifying and over-seeding the green surrounds and have great germination. The rough has been fertilized to help with the over-seeding we completed several weeks ago. Our zoysia is ready to be put to bed for the season. We pre-emerged tees and fairways along with adding a fungicide for large patch prevention. We are very much looking forward to hosting the Devlin Cup next week which will be the last event of the year.



Greens Maintenance – September 10, 2015

On Tuesday September 15th, we will be completing some greens maintenance ahead of play.  The details are listed below in order.  This will help to alleviate some grain and firm-up the putting surfaces.  If you have questions please feel free to call me.

-Paul (316) 733-4131

1) Brush the greens – to stand up any grass blades growing laterally

2) Mow – to give the greens a more uniform cut removing any extra leaf growth

3) Topdress – to firm-up the putting surfaces

4) Brush again – to work the sand into the turf canopy

5) Fertilize – to assist in growing out of the summer stress

6) Water – to continue working the sand into the canopy, dissolve the fertilizer, and cool off the surface temperatures from the sand absorbing the solar heat

Quick Update – September 2, 2015

I am pleased to say the greens are healing in nicely from this summer’s stress. We have started to lower the cutting height and rolling more regularly.  Next week, we will apply a light topdressing to help smooth and firm the green surfaces. The extended forecast is looking good next week with cooler high’s and overnight lows. The bluegrass/fescue rough was overseeded last week and is already germinating. We have roped off seeded areas to keep traffic out while the seed matures. We applied the second application in rough and fairways for Bermuda grass eradication. Several crew members have been working hard trimming native areas between tee complexes and fairways to open up sight lines. I would like to give a shout out to my greens shower crew for hanging in there, working the long hours daily to help revive the greens.  I would also like to thank my assistants Daryl, Dylan, and Bryan for working tirelessly these past seven weeks while keeping a positive attitude.


Update: Summer Stress – August 6, 2015

The summer heat stress on our greens seems to be recovering. Implementing practices to relieve any additional stress on the greens is helping. Raising the mowing height has been a big reason for this recovery. We still have a ways to go before the greens are back to member standards, but it will take some time and patience. The weather conditions have been up and down. We enjoy a temperature break in the mid 80’s for a day or two then back to upper 90’s and no wind for a week. The intense heat combined with no wind are brutal for turf in general and especially stressed areas. I am proud of my staff for putting in all the extra hours it takes to baby these greens back to health. I will continue to keep you updated.

Thank you,