Custom Golf Club Fitting

Today most serious players know the importance of custom club fitting. Through a club fitting, specifications such as grip size and style, overall club lengths, swing weights, shaft flex/ shaft weight / kick point, center of gravity, loft and lie angles can be determined to meet the players preferences, help optimize ball flight and improve consistency.

Don’t worry… a club fitting doesn’t always mean new equipment. There’s a chance the equipment you already have is adequate for your game. Or, if needed, most name-brand clubs can be easily altered from their original state at little expense.

However make no mistake, the biggest effect on ball flight, bar none, is how each player strikes the ball! Typically the most dramatic results are achieved when a club fitting is combined with a swing evaluation and properly fit clubs are paired with proper technique. Even though a player’s golf swing is ever evolving, the club fitting process fits clubs to the individual – not each individual swing. And, most players do not outgrow clubs over time.

Here are some interesting facts about IDEAL Ball Flight and Contact:

  • Every Club in your bag, on a full swing (except the putter), should hit the ball at a Maximum Height of 75-90 feet (75′ is typically preferred in Kansas).
  • The ball should stay in the air the same amount of time with every club. Good “Hang Time” is ≥6 seconds.
  • The difference that makes up distance (between clubs) is Ball Speed.
  • 1 Mile-Per-Hour of Club Head Speed can equal 1.5 MPH of Ball Speed. 3 MPH of Club Head Speed can equal 10 yards in distance.
  • Club Head Speeds vary from club to club due to weight and length typically by 2 MPH, down from the Driver.
  • A driver hit at a 3° upward attack angle vs a 3° downward attack will travel ≥15% farther.
  • Ideal vertical attack with a Mid-Iron is 4° down.
  • The direction a shot travels is 85% due to the Club Face-Angle and only 15% result of Club-Path.

If you’ve not had a custom club fitting I highly suggest you do. It’s a great place to start – it’ll help you have more fun and play better golf!

Here is a link to a video that was posted in the Wichita Business Journal on the same topic;

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